York, March 2016

Art gallery

747a – York Art Gallery

29 Mar , 2016  

York, March 2016

York, March 2016

We drive to York and use the Park and Ride at Monk’s Cross. After a lovely second breakfast in Betty’s tearoom, we head to the city art gallery. It is £7.50 each to get in but worth it (Neal thinks it is a bit steep to get in) to look at the latest temporary exhibition, “Truth and memory: British art of the First World War”. This is more than 60 works of art produced during the war or just after it; there are some very moving paintings by Nash, Stanley Spencer, Nevinson and Orphen. There are images of torn landscapes, munitions factories, soldiers in the trenches, of exceptional quality.

After lunch at an American style diner called “Bills” we head to Clifford’s Tower.

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