Egirdir Lake

Castle, Mosque, Walk

767d – Egirdir walk

21 Sep , 2016  

Egirdir Lake

Egirdir Lake

Egirdir Lake


Wednesday 21st September begins very sunny and warm (mid 20s) but we do have some wind and rain in the late evening. We spend half a day exploring the town. We begin by walking around the small peninsula headland again to see it in the daylight (passing a rare survivor, an Orthodox church, sadly closed) and then along the causeway, popping into the outdoor centre to pick up information on the St Paul trail. We then have a look at the remains of the castle and walk up onto its walls to overlook the town. We manage to go inside the town’s main mosque (Hizir Bey Camii) although I have to go to the small upstairs balcony with curtains around it while Paul gets a personal tour by one of the elderly locals. It has wooden pillars inside and a minaret on the side courtyard wall. There is a lovely stone portal over the entrance.

We continue through the busy Ataturk square and walk along the Isparta road that runs along the side of the lake. Along the way I have a look inside the tomb of Baba Sultan near the lakeshore. We return to the peninsula the same way and have lunch at a restaurant with a beachside balcony near the Iskele park (the only customers, super views across the lake).

We return to Choo Choo where we relax by the lakeshore for a few hours and have an evening meal at another restaurant on the peninsula, the Big Apple (more lovely food but very filling), the end to a relaxing day.

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