Isa Bey Camii, Ephesus


795j – Isa Bey Camii

21 Sep , 2017  

Isa Bey Camii, Ephesus

Isa Bey Camii, Ephesus

Isa Bey Camii, Ephesus

At the bottom of the hill is an unusual mosque. Built in the late 14th century it is architecturally a transition between Selcuk and Ottoman styles. It has a double domed main hall supported by Roman columns and a lovely courtyard surrounded by very high walls. Enjoy the tranquility of the place.

After arriving back at our hotel we make use of the spa and Turkish sauna rooms followed by a long, firm shoulder/back massage, excellent value at 70TL each. We then enjoy a lovely meal in a restaurant called the Old House, sitting in the shady courtyard. We finish the day relaxing in our room and enjoying the views from our balcony.

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