822a – Danby Dale walk

1 Aug , 2018  

It is perfect walking conditions, dry with some sunshine and cloud with a breeze, so not sweltering. Do a 10 mile walk starting at Ainthorpe, down to Danby where we cross the River Esk and then follow the river through Eskdale walking through lovely wooded Danby park. We see a female adder as we come out of the woods. We then cross the rover again to stop off at the “Eskdale Inn” for a light lunch. Then up hil to the village of Castleton and through a series of fields near Danby beck and into the lower lying reach of Danby Dale. The fields are surprisingly green given the recent heatwave; it is refreshing to walk through lush green grass. We pass a series of farms with evocative names (Plumtree farm, Stormy Hall) and then pass near Botton village before a steep climb through thick, annoying bracken to Danby Rigg. There are super views of Danby Dale and neighbouring Little Fryup Dale. We watch a biplane doing loops. Then annoyance again as we loose the path descending the ring and into another stretch of thick bracken (horrid stuff), before finally finding the correct route to bring us back to a lane to Ainthorpe. Enjoy a very relaxed evening with good food and drink, the pub restaurant is quite busy.

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