822b – Scaling Dam walk

2 Aug , 2018  

Thursday 2nd August is another good weather day for walking, although we do have some dark clouds and a spot of rain in the afternoon. After a good breakfast we drive the short distance to the North York Moors National Park Centre at Danby Lodge where we pay £4.50 to park for the day. We then do an 8-9 mile walk from the centre, we walk hp hill across heather moorland to Danby beacon. This has an actual beacon on top, a view indicator and trig point, plus stunning views across the northern section of the North York Moors. We see two Chinook helicopters flying low though Danby Dale; it is very odd to be above them. From the beacon we cross a beak stretch of moor, Easington High Moor, which is managed for grouse, and onwards to the Scaling dam reservoir. The route doesn’t take us to the dam itself, although we do get nice views of it and the coastline further off, and there is a short stretch along the busy A171 before we head back onto moorland and very vague paths. We sat our lunch by a boundary stone and see a marker stone with BY WHIT carved on one side. We continue onto the flagged Pannierman’s causeway, good to get a clear path at last, then onto Clitherbeck and drop back into Danby and onto the moors centre.

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