Llanbadarn Fawr


824b – St. Padarn Church, Llanbadarn

9 Sep , 2018  

Llanbadarn Fawr

Llanbadarn Fawr campus

Llanbadarn Fawr

Llanbadarn Fawr

Sunday 9th September starts with drizzle but it does improve to become dry and cloudy with a bit of evening sunshine. We eat breakfast in our kitchen area, food bought the previous night at a local Spa shop. Still no sign of anyone else in our flat complex.

We walk down the very steep Primrose hill and then up to our old campus at Llanbadarn Fawr. This is very emotional as we discover that the student accommodation blocks (there were three) were demolished ten years ago; the landscaping has been badly done, we find some old lamp posts, steps and roads, all very sad. The student union block is looking sadly neglected and the student bar is abandoned.

We continue down the hill into the villageĀ  to have a look at the large 13th century church, this brings back more memories but happy ones of reading in the churchyard on sunny days. We have a quick look inside; it is a huge space, very plain and white, but there is a service taking place so we don’t go too far in.

We continue on our exploration and manage to find the route into the town through a park, a walk done many times as students.

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