Ludlow Castle


824f – St. Lawrence’s Church, Ludlow

10 Sep , 2018  

Ludlow Castle

Ludlow from Whitcliffe Common

St Lawrence Church, Ludlow

St Lawrence Church, Ludlow

Monday 10th September is a mild, cloudy day. We are in a flat mood after the emotional weekend. We check out of our digs and return to Ludlow arriving at 11.0am. We enjoy a drink and cake at a cafe near the castle, but are disappointed that the castle is closed to clear up after the food festival. We have a walk around the outside of the castle then cross the river Teme and up to Whitcliffe Common to enjoy the spectacular view of Dinham bridge, the castle and town with the Clee hills in the distance. We have a look around the shops and market and then go into the town’s huge church. There is a wealth of stained glass and entertaining misericords carved with fantastical beasts and scenes of medieval life. We also get to see the restored wall paintings in the Parvis room.

Alex catches the 2.05pm train and I take an hour to drive back home. An excellent if emotional break, enjoyed marking our 30th anniversary.

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