Uskudar waterfront


825 – Turkey 2018

17 Sep , 2018  

Uskudar waterfront

Twelve Islands boat trip, Fethiye Bay

Patara, Lycian city remains

A two week holiday in Turkey departing on Monday 17th September from Birmingham International, a 1515 flight which leaves 20 minutes late and gets us into Dalaman at 2130. After some stress collecting the hire car for 10 days, plus a 50km drive at night in unfamiliar territory, we finally arrive at Hotel Villa Daffodil for our first 5 nights. It is a quiet shoreline location on the outskirts of Fethiye on the Turquoise coast between Dalaman and Antalya. As it is after midnight when we arrive it is only the next morning, Tuesday 18th, we really get to appreciate our room and the location. A yellow Ottoman style building set on various levels up the hillside with small gardens and a swimming pool, our room is the best in the hotel, the penthouse suite at the top with two large beds, a large living space with numerous windows all around and a separate kitchen, the views are fantastic along the bay with tree covered hills and a picturesque marina below. Fethiye itself, although having spread along the bay, doesn’t feel over developed, there are no high rise buildings or large hotels to spoil it.

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