Kayakoy deserted village

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825d – Kayakoy

20 Sep , 2018  

Kayakoy deserted village

Kayakoy deserted village

Kayakoy deserted village

Thursday 20th is another hot, sunny, blue sky day. After a relaxed breakfast we head out in the hire car to nearby Kayakoy, a 9km drive along a very winding, high road, dropping into the valley where the eerie ghost town of what was once the Greek town of Lelissi is located on a hillside. Mostly abandoned after the 1923 population exchanges between the new Turkish Republic and Greece, it is now a memorial to peace between the two countries. We pay 5TL each to enter the town at the east end. We explore the area near the Taksiyarhis church (closed for restoration) and then follow a steep route up to a small barrel roofed chapel on a hilltop above the town. The climb is well worth it for the views of the town and the coast on the other side towards Oludeniz. We then drop down to the western church from 1888, Panayia Pirgiotissa, also closed for restoration, then back along the modern road which takes us past the old fountain, a small chapel and 19th century school. It is fascinating to see, but disappointing to see small businesses encroaching into the site (tat for tourists), there is no information and nothing special to mark the fact it is a memorial. On the plus side it is good to see that the threatened development of the 1980s never took place to spoil the 400 or so buildings, although one unsympathetic “restoration” has taken place on one building.

Arriving back at lunchtime we go to a nearby cafe on the waterfront for a light lunch, then chill in our room. We go for an evening stroll back into the town and have a look around the market area.

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