Patara, Lycian city remains

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23 Sep , 2018  

Patara, Lycian city remains

Patara, Lycian city remains

Patara, Lycian city remains

Sunday 23rd is a very hot day. After the usual Turkish style breakfast on the very pleasant dining terrace, we walk the 2-3km (at a very slow pace) through the ruins of Patara. This was once the principal port of Lycia, the ruins of which stretch along the road to the modern beach area, the harbour having long since silted up. In addition to the usual Lycian tombs te most notabel features we are able to explore easily from the roadside are the second century AD triumphal arch of Modestus, a colonnaded street leading to the agora, a 5000 seat theatre, and a reconstructed bouleuterion next to it. This latter was once the seat of the Lycian League, in essence their parliament house which seated 1400 citizens.

The multi-visit card (lent to us by our hotel owner) also gives us access to Patara beach, a lovely long stretch of golden sand. We spend a very relaxed afternoon on rented sun loungers and sun shade at the only cafe on the beach, enjoying dips in the warm sea, a light lunch at the cafe, and reading.

It is a very hot walk back to Gelemis village. We opt for a very nice evening meal in the Golden Hotel on a terrace overlooking the village road. we enjoy drinks in the Pheonix bar afterwards where we chat to a fellow holiday maker, Alan from Scotland, we encourages Paul to have too much drink.

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