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825u – Hodjapasha

30 Sep , 2018  

The Hodjapasha consists of a mesmerising ceremony with four dervishes whirling in a 15th century hamam building. It costs 110TL each and lasts for an hour, but is very interesting to see.

We enjoy a meal in a restaurant near our hotel (I have a triple helping of baklava in error, plus there is coach party of entertaining Koreans having fun), a nice way to end the holiday.

Monday 1st October is the return home day. We attempt to gain entry to the Little Aya Sophia after breakfast and packing, but it remains closed apart from the courtyard area. We enjoy the last views from our hotel rooftop terrace in lovely sunshine. We then get a taxi at 11.0am to the airport (enjoy seeing the last of the city from the taxi window). An unaccounted for bag causes nearly an hour of delay, so it is after 5.0pm when we land back at Birmingham. We get a taxi back home. Overall, a more relaxed visit than previous holidays in Turkey, nice to do just the three locations instead of four, so able to have more beach time.

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