828a – Museum of the History of Science, Oxford

10 Nov , 2018  

This intriguing museum is free to enter and is housed in what used to be the Ashmolean, opened in 1683 and was the first purpose built public museum in the world. It became the current History of Science museum in 1935. On three floors, it houses an outstanding collection of scientific instruments such as sundials, astrolabes (including one that belonged to Queen Elizabeth the First), microscopes, photographic equipment, surveying equipment, Marconi’s telegraphy equipment, and items owned by famous people such as Brunel’s portable surveying equipment, TE Lawrence’s camera. We both thoroughly enjoy looking at fascinating scientific instruments that are also beautifully made. A super museum.

We then have a quick look around the shops before heading back to the hotel to check in, relax a bit (our room is on the ground floor, accessible from a residential road, an odd set up). In the evening we enjoy an excellent meal at a Lebanese restaurant and then go to the New Theatre to see Seasick Steve perform, the main reason for the visit. Thankfully it remains dry in the evening.

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