594e – Apsley House

2 Aug , 2013  

Enjoy a quick look round the Duke of Wellington’s house. Always like the pictures and intensely rich gold decor and use of mirrors to give the house the illusion of greater space.

Return to King’s Cross on the tube and have a look around the wonderful revamped station; very impressed  with the huge fan vaulted ceiling and curves. There is also a long queue of children waiting to have photos taken at platform 9 3/4 (Harry Potter fans!).

After  relax and wash back at the Clock Tower, we all walk to the Gilbert Scott restaurant at the other end of the St Pancras complex to enjoy an excellent 2 course meal with wine. Excellent service too and get to have a little look at the fantastically restored main stairs, a Victorian gothic masterpiece. Lovely end to a wonderful day.

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  1. Joan Mills says:

    Ohhh the Gilbert Scott Restaurant – it was really lovely, wonderful ambience and the restored main staircase was breathtaking!

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