594g – Science Museum

3 Aug , 2013  

Explore just the ground floor; enjoy the Energy Hall, the Exploring Space gallery, and Making the Modern World. However, the best part is the exhibition on Alan Turing’s life and legacy, Codebreaker. It is an interesting and especially moving to learn more about what he endured in his private life and his tragic death at just 41.

We walk to Kensington Gardens, enjoying a drink by the Albert memorial. We then walk through Hyde Park to Knightsbridge tube where Joan and Malcolm travel back to the Clock Tower. Neal and I walk back via Marble Arch, Baker Street, and stop off for a drink near St Pancras.

We enjoy a meal and drink at the Clock Tower in our own kitchen. Malcolm and I then go out for a few drinks at the Booking Office Bar in the St Pancras complex; I enjoy gin cocktails including an Victorian recipe while Malcolm has a few brandies. The bar staff are very nice and let us sample a few Victorian punch drinks.

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  1. Joan Mills says:

    Didn’t know about the ‘few brandies’ M enjoyed, but the Booking Office Bar looked wonderful!!

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